Classes & Workshops

Barron Rachman, in addition to running his own classes and workshops, is available for private teaching.



-PROJECT CLASS 4/15/15 TO 6/17/15, WEDNESDAY 6:30 to 9:30pm

I know quite a few of you were hoping to work with me again this Spring so for that reason I have decided to run a 10 week PROJECT CLASS on the above dates, day, and time. The class will meet at a convenient location in midtown Manhattan. Students will be able to share their work either by placing digital proof prints on the wall or having their images projected on a large monitor. The room will also have internet access. The cost of the class is $565 dollars.

The goal of the PROJECT CLASS will be to support and guide those of you who are working on a specific project. We will achieve this through group critiques in which we will help one another discover how we can each, as artists, improve on our own work. In addition, we will be referencing working artists (contemporary and historical) who could be helpful to you in your own photographic practices. This class will also benefit students who are seeking a personal project idea or merely trying to better their picture making skills. Overall I intend to create a classroom environment where every artist will, as a result of working in a nurturing but disciplined group, be able to achieve and surpass their intended creative goals.

If you are interested in enrolling for this class please send me a message on the CONTACT page on this site.